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About the Artist

ArtDaze is a workshop and design studio led by Emily Howard. Born and raised in Wilson, I was offered endless encouragement (and art supplies) throughout my life by my parents, who are both artists themselves. My work as an artist is a testament to the value of nurturing the artistic spirit from a young age. Supporting the artistic growth of Wilson's younger generations and providing a space for our community to engage with the arts is a privilege I do not take for granted. When I'm not at ArtDaze, you can find me during the week at Greenfield School, teaching 5th-12th grade art, or spending time with my partner and our two unbelievably fluffy cats. 

As an avid birder and opportunistic traveler, much of my personal portfolio reflects my love of the natural world and the people who bring joy to my life. 

Portfolio Development Coursework

Drink of the Summer Pitch with PR agency case studies

Mock letter explaining a budget override for a creative project

Reworking Harney & Sons Tea Advertisement

Campaign for amika hair: multimedia deliverables of hand drawn motifs and digital design

Campaign for eBird app featuring hand painted cut paper birds turned to digital graphics

Brand expansion and merch design for ArtDaze

Advertising Research Descriptive and Inferential Insights on 2024 Election

Design Portfolio

Fine Arts and Digital Design

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