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frequently asked questions

  • Where exactly are you located?
    We are located inside Hunter's Dance. Our entrance is on the left side of the building, our door has a large sign labelled "Studio B Drop Off". We are inside and to your immediate left!
  • How do I register for a workshop?
    Follow the link below to view our current workshop lineup and book your ticket!
  • How do I register my child for weekly classes?
    Call (252) 237-3578 and request to register your child for ArtDaze classes!
  • How do I book a party at ArtDaze?
    Check out our birthday parties section on our website to determine which type of party you would like and follow our contact form (or simply email to begin the booking process!
  • Where should I park for workshops?
    You can park in the parking lot to the left of Hunter's Dance, facing our door!
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