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3 Reasons Why You Should Book a FRIDAY AFTERNOON Birthday Party at ArtDaze

Earlier this year, I hosted my first ArtDaze birthday party on a Friday afternoon. As I am also a teacher in the area, I rushed over to the studio immediately after school, and by 4 pm guests started arriving! Throughout the party, the birthday girl's sweet mom and I kept marveling to one another about just how WELL the afterschool party time slot was working. Before the party had even ended, I realized I needed to share this exciting discovery, because I had never really considered it as a viable time slot before. Here are my top reasons why you should consider having your ArtDaze party on Friday afternoon:

1. Better Guest Attendance

Most of us tend to automatically designate Saturdays as The Birthday Party Day. Yet we all know the struggle of how many other activities are vying for our time and attention on Saturdays: sports, extracurriculars, farmers markets, travel, other parties, the list goes on!

Most people have fewer obligations on Friday afternoons which means your party has less to compete with on your guests' daily planners! Parents are already picking up from school (bonus points for carpooling) and can go straight to the studio for the party!

2. You Free Up Your Weekend

Having an art party at ArtDaze is already appealing because we have party planning down to a science! Hosting your party takes away the stresses of coordinating in-home entertainment, cleaning before and after the event, and the countless hours of party prep. With a Friday party, you get all that... plus the rest of your weekend wide open! For those who have a separate celebration with family or have to work around the litany of other weekend obligations, Friday parties are great time savers for those who are extra busy or just want an open weekend to continue celebrating!

3. Your Guests' Parents Will Thank You

Friday afternoons are perfect for grocery shopping, a trip to the gym, stopping by Starbucks for an iced coffee, and any other errands you want to get done while you're already out and about town. While your guests are painting and partying, their parents can check off that afternoon to-do list with perhaps a little more peace and quiet or take some time to treat themselves and ring in the weekend!

So what do you think? Are you convinced about the merits of the Friday Afternoon Birthday Party? If you've got a birthday party on the horizon, reach out through our contact form and we can get planning, whether you go for Friday or would rather stick with tradition! Either way, we would love to paint and party with YOU!

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